Komm mit mir ins Wunderland...

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

And the winner are ... Ell & Nikki! (Azerbaijan)

Hola qué tal? :D
Sooo yesterday I was with some friends on the 'Trammplatz' in Hanover. It was the Eurovision Song Contest and there was a public viewing. Yaaay! It was a really nice evening and we had a lot of fun :D hahahahaaa TAAAAAAAAKEN BY A STRANGER! Fail, fail, fail lovely Lena but you did ur job great :)
I was for Sweden or Azerbaijan, cuz the song of Azerbaijan ist super cute*-* yeah...
I don't saw the part of 'blabla points goes to!' but my mother told me the winner and everything was great haha. Oh gosh, sorry for this English, maybe I'll write better in German? Mhmhm....whatever now pictures! :D

Me with my dog Leo ;D

Our new guildhall

by night ;D

Belle and Me :) yeees so bright xD not the best of us

Steffi and Me :)

Amazing evening with awesome people :)
Greets to u all :D but the other pictures are not so pretty ... :D


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