Komm mit mir ins Wunderland...

Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Eliza Doolittle - Empty Hand

Schubdiduu! Hello everyone.
A new year, a new plan. Ehm...in the summer holidays I want to fly with my best Alina to Milano!!! Ohoo Milanooo...I don't speak Italian. I only speak German, Englisch and a bit Spanish. Ahaha. But hey, FASHION! *_*
Shopping, shopping. But I should save money... .__.' that's not easy! Nope. I must be strong! :'D
My cat Jeannie come back on Wednesday...I hope! :S I'm anytime a litte bit scared of this, because today is the operation...mhm...
Well, nice day you and you annnd yoooou (;


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