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Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Christmas in hollywood♥

Today I was in the city with Alina; I bought the christmas present for my little niece :) SELENA GOMEZ ALBUM! :D
But I bought some stuff for me too, the Gossip Girl Season 1 Dvd, cuz now it's cheaper than before, 15,99€ muhaha. And another Dvd - Pippa Lee, with Blake Lively *-* Gosh I like this actress so much.
Whatever, and I've taken some pictures of the cookies for my family. Yep. AAAND! My best friend Alina given me my christmas present of her - Mac Lipstick - cream de nude.♥
I'm sorry for my bad English but I'm phoning ;D wayne. Here are the pictures.

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